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Forensic Auditing Services, LLC is a team of highly skilled and experienced professional Auditors, Examiners, Abstractors, Hand Writing Experts and Licensed Private Investigators. We specialize in the research and analysis needed to provide the loan auditing support a client will need to level the playing field with servicer/lenders/banks to successfully negotiate settlements, file predatory lending lawsuits, initiate mortgage foreclosure defense and expose foreclosure fraud.
Whether you save or lose your home could come down to the decisions you make in the next few days. We pray you take a stand against the bank and protect your American dream. We provide you a *Free Private Consultation.
Our service is focused on providing you evidence of Forgery, Counterfeiting, Tampering with Evidence, Tampering with County Records plus the most highly reliable and dependable Forensic, Securitization & Chain of Title Audits in the industry.

We truly are your Banks worst nightmare.

Don't take a knife to a gun fight. Unless you have substantial evidence that the Bank has committed a crime you will find very few Judges who will listen to your case. On the other hand placing irrefutable criminal evidence into a court case is a "game changer".

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If you're a Real Estate or Legal Professional or otherwise have need to obtain documentation on the holder of your client's mortgage Note and/or its securitization history, FORENSIC AUDITING SERVICES, LLC can provide you the most comprehensive documentation available.
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